Terms and Conditions:

1. The 8'x10' booth charge is $120. We have100+ booths available, first come first serve. Notification by most expedient method will be made and fees paid will be promptly returned if space is sold out.

2. All vendors must have their booths ready by 9:00 AM on December 4, 2021

3. There will be no structural accommodations. Vendor must supply their own booth enhancements. Nothing can be affixed to the walls.

4. Space pre-assigned upon receipt of completed application and paid fees. Space may be reassigned the day of the show due to unforeseen circumstances.

5. Electrical outlets are limited; an additional fee of $15.00 will be charged.

6. Tables are limited and there will be an additional charge of $15.00 (skirting not included). Tables are 8’ x 30”.

7. Chair rental is an additional $5.00.

8. Please include the costs for electricity, tables and/or chairs (if applicable) with your Entry Fee.

9. Eden Prairie Lioness Lions Club and Grace Church are not responsible for loss or damages incurred during or because of the Art and Craft Fair.

10. All work and displays must be in good taste subject to the opinion of Grace Church and The Eden Prairie Lioness Lions Club. We reserve the right to dismiss any vendor with no refund.

11. Grace Church prohibits the sale of items containing alcohol.

12. The area we will be using at Grace church is carpeted and, therefore, no work that may damage the carpet will be allowed.

13. Vendors must remove their boxes, “if you come with it, you must leave with it”. Due to liability issues, there will be no storage area other than under your table.

14. Vendors are required to stay for the total length of the show which will be from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. All vendors must be out of the building by 6:00 PM on Saturday, December 4, 2021

15. Vendors will be able to set up on Friday, December 3rd from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and on Saturday December 4th, between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

16. Vendors should come to Door 4 of the church for registration. Depending on the location of your booth, you may be directed to another door for unloading your goods or the church’s loading dock if you prefer.

17. The Lioness Lions will provide personnel to watch your booth if you need to take a short break. They will not engage in any cash sales of your products but will accept checks on your behalf. We will not be held liable for any missing items during this time and we suggest that you take your cash box with you to avoid any conflicts.

We ask that you use utmost care in transporting your goods to and from the building and take general care in your use of the facilities. We hope to distinguish our fair from others in the personal interest that we have in your success and are deeply interested in knowing how we can serve your needs. We may be limited in this by the restraints put upon us by the venue, but we truly wish to do the best we can. Your participation in this event helps your fellow citizens. All proceeds go back into the community and we are a totally volunteer group. We have tried to anticipate all the needs of you and of
your customers by providing sitting areas for the customers knowing that they will be refreshed after sitting for a few moments and will continue further down the line. We negotiated with the church to have their cafe, The Devine Grind, open for the entire event. We would appreciate any feedback you might have after this event to let us know what we could have done better and what we did well.

We may be contacted at lionessep@gmail.com.

The Eden Prairie Lioness Lions Club has no affiliation with Grace Church